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How to make sawdust dog food? - feature image

Is kibbles and bits a good dog food? FAQ -Easy explanation

Is kibbles and bits a good dog food? When it comes to your dog’s nutrition, kibble and bits are not considered the best choice of dog food. This food is made with low-quality ingredients and is not nutritionally balanced. Generally, it is seen on big box store shelves, and often owners like it because of its low price, but the ingredients used in this food are not considered the most nutritious for dogs….

How to make sawdust dog food? - feature image

How to make sawdust dog food? With easy explanation

All dogs need fiber in their dog diet. When making homemade food for your dog, add ingredients like kale, leafy greens, rolled oats, peas, and carrots to provide fiber. To make sawdust dog food, you must boil sawdust with water, a little salt, and vinegar. Then you have to drain the fatty liquid out, and then you have to add in diced pork liver and diced carrots. Boil until it is done…

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During season changes, dogs shed their old coats to make way for a new coat. It’s a natural process to help to make them warm during the cool season and cool during the hot season. But extreme shedding can be caused for medical conditions like skin problems, allergies, or thyroid disease. Poor diet also can be a cause of their excessive shedding.