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How to Travel with Raw Dog Food? What you’ll need – All suggestions

How to Travel with Raw Dog Food

It isn’t easy when you are a dog owner and traveling with your dog. Because of traveling with raw dog food, you must keep many things in mind. Are you worried about how to travel with raw dog food? There are some tips and tricks when traveling, but that isn’t easy enough. So keeping that in mind, you have to take the steps. First, you must plan for how many days and where you are traveling; depending on that, it will affect the food. First, calculate the number of days, then depending on that, try to pack the food, but if you don’t have enough space for the food, try to find a store that sells dog food near the location. Pre-made raw can be most effective when traveling as it can be easily carried and stored in a cooler with ice. You can also buy it from a nearby shop, but it can be expensive.

­­­Diy raw can be most effective for traveling with a dog. But it will not be a good option if you plan a campaign with no electricity and not a lot of things available. And freeze-dried food is a bit expensive to travel with as it becomes so dry it needs to be dehydrated, so you need the extra container and other things, but it is the safest way to travel with, and anywhere you want to travel.

What you will need to travel with raw dog food

As it is not easy to travel with raw food, you need to keep something in mind, like the food needs to be frozen, and you follow some tips and tricks so that it can be effective and cheap. So that you don’t need to feel worried some suggestions are given in below, which are as follows:-

01. Packing

You will need dog food when you travel with your dog. It is an essential part of your traveling. You can’t go anywhere without food. That’s why you need to package each meal tightly. So, you can use a Ziploc bag to package each meal individually and remove air bubbles. You can pack dog food separately in different bags, so it will be easy for you to feed your dog in the morning and evening. And the first day’s meals you can pack closer to the top in your bag and the last meals at the bottom.

02. Cooler

After packaging, you need to put each package in your cooler correctly. You need to ensure that your cooler will be big enough to hold all food and also need a good amount of ice. If you have a cooler with wheels, it will be easy for transportation.

03. Water

If it’s too hot outside, your dog can quickly dehydrate during traveling. That’s why you have to carry water with you, but you don’t need to take too much water.

04. Paper plates

Paper plates are the most helpful thing when traveling. If you use paper plates during your trip, you don’t have to worry about washing a plate. And these paper plates also save space and are easy to use. You can easily use this for feeding your dog.

05. Paper towels.

A Paper towel is one of the most important things during a trip. It can be a mess when you feed your dog in the car. So if you carry one roll of paper towels, it would be helpful for cleaning.

06. Gloves

When you travel, the last thing you will worry about is cross-contamination. If you get raw meat on your hand, your hand will stink. So if you want to get rid of this trouble, it’s best to wear gloves. It will give you peace of mind that you won’t get raw meat on your hands. I will recommend you to use nitrile gloves or play gloves. Gloves are biodegradable, and nitrile gloves are allergy-resistant.

07. Storage

While reaching your destination, the raw food should be placed in a freezer right away unless you are using freeze-dried. If you’re staying at a hotel, make sure if there will be enough space for the food or not. If there is insufficient space, you must utilize the ice machine to keep the food cold in the cooler. You can store the dog’s raw food in the cooler for up to four days. You can also control frozen food in an electric car cooler plugged into the lighter. It’s a better option. If you are using a regular cooler, purchase a new ice bag daily to avoid food spoilage. If you are at a family or friend’s house, ask them if they are comfortable with you using some freezer space to store the food.

08. Cleaning Supplies

While traveling, it is safer to carry convenient cleaning supplies such as gloves, paper towels, paper plates, paper bowls, and a non-toxic cleaning spray. If you take paper plates, you don’t have to worry about washing a bowl each time. It makes traveling a lot simpler. Paper plates also save on space. If you are feeding in the car and don’t want an entire mess, you must pack at least one roll of paper towels. The Paper towel will also help you in case of spilling and leakage. Traveling with raw is a bit stressful, but as long as you pack prepared, you can enjoy adventuring with your dog and feeding fresh.

Five critical notes for your dog’s care

  • Find a suitable place to place your dog’s bed. You know better what your dog likes most.
  • Instruct your care to feed them when it is the time to give them good and also play with your pet or walk when you are not home
  • If you care too much about your pet, tell them not to go anywhere unsafe to play, be it in the home or somewhere nearby to play with the pet.
  • Tell them where your dogs like to play most of the time.
  • Provide them the vet’s number, and you can give them yours too.

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