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Is Rachel Ray dog food made in China?

Is Rachel Ray dog food made in China?

Is Rachel Ray dog food made in china? Rachael Ray Nutrish got its start in 2008 after celebrity chef, Rachel Ray, developed some dog food recipes for her own dog named Isaboo the pitbull. Rachel Ray who was a beloved Food Network regular, daytime TV host, author and pet love, partnered with Ainsworth Pet Nutrition but this company was bought by Jm Smucker Company in 2019. This brand partnered with them to develop a high-end line of dog food and treats containing simple, natural ingredients inspired by her own cooking.This brand first started with few recipes but it expanded within few years and now produces various kind of wet and dry dog treats and dog foods.However, Rachel Ray dog foods are not made in China.instead Big Heart Pet Brands make their dry foods which owns facilities in the united however Thailand produces their wet food recipes.therefore,they do not specify where their ingredients are sourced from.They use suppliers in China for their dog food.They don’t disclose this information and they may not disclose this information in future.Sadly many dog food companies don’t release where their food ingredients are sourced from.

Rachel Ray nutrish ingredient sourcing 

This brand’s manufacturer sources their ingredients from the United States. The source variations depend on availability. Big Heart Pet Brands is located in Orville, Ohio and all the dry dog food is produced by them. Big Heart Pet Brands is under the Jm Smucker company. Rachel Ray’s dog food is produced and manufactured in the United states and the brand’s wet foods are produced in Thailand.

What brands of dog food are made in China?

A product of pruina named beneful has a factory in China. Purina also imports supplements from this country. Many countries import substances for supplements and vitamins from them. you should stay clear of dog foods from china. It will be best for you. You should also clear of those that had a history of contamination like chicken and duck jerky products. Pets eating commercial food products get nourishment from the added vitamins and supplements. Some manufacturers look for sources that offer low price and China is one of the countries that offer affordable pet food ingredients. These are some of the manufacturers who sourced their pet food ingredients from China:

  • Hill’s pet nutrition Inc.
  • Nestle
  • Wellpet LLC
  • Dick Van patten’s natural balance pet foods Inc.
  • Costco’s brand
  • Artemis company
  • Triumph Pet Industries Inc.

If you think you are getting China-free dog food then you are wrong. You should always make an extra effort to find out the ingredients and contents of your pet’s food and supplemental diet. 

Where is Rachael Ray dog food manufactured?

Rachel Ray dog food is manufactured in the united states. In fact all Rachel Ray nutrish dry dog foods are made in the united states. They are made by Big Heart Pet Brands which is a division of the J.M Smucker Company of Orville, All the wet recipes are produced in Thailand.

Does Rachel Ray dog food contain dog DNA?

The court documents of a lawsuit was filed in April 2020 against Rachel Ray Nutrish. Just 6 dog food includes DNA test results (“DNA content analysis”-Exhibit A) that confirms what many people have feared about pet food for decades. Rachel Ray lamb meal and brown rice recipe dog food contain dog DNA because dog DNA was found in these two dog foods.

Is Rachael Ray dog food FDA approved?

In late June 2019 the U.S food and drug administration (FDA) identified Rachel Ray Nutrish as one of the 16 pet brands that are probably linked to heart disease in cats and dogs.

What dog food is not made in China

Many different kinds of food brands are not made in China. Today, Food companies keep in mind that customers do not want food that comes from China. They try to do their best to produce their foods within the United states but there are still some companies that produce a lot of their food in foreign countries including China. Some companies don’t source any ingredients from China. Many companies claim that all of their food ingredients are produced in the United states. But the reality is the ingredients come from elsewhere and are then assembled into dog food when they reach US soil. Luckily many companies don’t source their ingredients from China. Many of these companies still source some of their ingredients from other countries. They are more likely to get their ingredients from Europe or Oceania than ingredients they can’t source from the United states. Many companies get their vitamin supplements from China because they are one of the largest producers of vitamins in the world. Their ingredients are quite cheap. Many other supplements are sourced from China, as well. Here are some of the brands that truly don’t source ingredients from China or only source a very small number of supplements from China:

  • The honest king
  • Merrick
  • Grandma Mae’s
  • Acana
  • From Family dog food

Final thought:  Is Rachel Ray dog food made in china?

Rachel Ray nutrish manufactures average dog food and treats and these recipes have no connection to China. Rachael ray dog food brand doesn’t expose where it’s ingredients are from. China is a common source of vitamin supplements. So this company probably source some vitamins from China. This food company is well known to use high quality ingredients but it’s not without customer complains and some recalls. The customer satisfaction vary from recipe to recipe. So to make sure that your dog eats healthy high quality food, make sure to do research on individual Rachel Ray dog food recipes. You can also consult with your veterinarian to gather expert opinions and recommendations.

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