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Is kibbles and bits a good dog food? FAQ -Easy explanation

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Is kibbles and bits a good dog food? When it comes to your dog’s nutrition, kibble and bits are not considered the best choice of dog food. This food is made with low-quality ingredients and is not nutritionally balanced. Generally, it is seen on big box store shelves, and often owners like it because of its low price, but the ingredients used in this food are not considered the most nutritious for dogs. Real meat is the best source of protein for dogs, but kibble and bits are a corn-based dog food, which makes it hard for a lot of dogs to digest. 

Even it contains food coloring, high grain content, and lower than average healthy fat and protein percentage than many other top-notch quality foods. This food uses heat extrusion to cook and form its kibble, which can lower the nutrient quality of some ingredients. You can also customize the recipe of this food to meet your dog’s needs. Kibble and bits would need an ingredient overhaul to keep up with the category of top-tier good dog food.

Is Kibble And Bits Good For Dogs?

Kibble and bits are served to dogs to meet their basic nutrition requirements. It doesn’t have an ingredient list that supports peak health for dogs. It has corn, unclear animal ingredients, and artificial colors that prevent kibble and bits from being a top choice dog food. Generally, this food is seen on big box store shelves. Often owners buy it due to its low price. 

This food is great for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. This dog food is based on premium non-allergenic, fresh whole-food ingredients. If you are looking for a quick suggestion then you should not look any further than this food brand. The whole ordering process of this food is simple. All dog foods should fulfil certain nutritional requirements so that they can be safely sold in stores. kibble and bits can help some on a budget to feed their dog and fulfil their basic nutritional needs.

Is Kibble And Bits Harmful To Dogs?

Kibbles and bits don’t cause immediate harm to your dog. Some of the ingredients may cause stomach upset and dogs with sensitive digestion to feel unwell and prevent dogs from reaching peak nutritional health. Some dogs are sensitive to corn and may cause allergies after eating corn-based dog food. If you notice persistent scratching, vomiting, red, swollen paws, or diarrhoea, call your vet and make sure to inform them what food you are feeding your dog. kibble and bits don’t expose where their animal meat products come from. That’s why it can be problematic. For dog owners who want the safest and most nutritional food, there are other options for them to consider.

Can Dogs Eat Kibble and Bits Every day?

If you choose kibble and bits should feed to your dog every day then there are some tips for you. The amount of serving is dependent on your dog’s age, weight, general body size(small, medium, or large), and level of exercise. Bags of kibble and bits should have a feeding table guideline. 

It is best to feed your dog over 2-3 meals during the day. Overloading with one giant food can cause digestive problems. If you are feeding kibble and bits it will be best to stick with the same food for each feeding and decide to change from kibble and bits to a different food than do the process slowly over time. If someone is tight on finances and wants to feed the canine food that will help to keep them full and meet their basic needs then kibble and bits will work.

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Do kibbles and bits make dogs vomit?

When a dog eats quickly it doesn’t take time to chew their larger pieces of kibble. Even if they ingest a significant amount of air both of which can come back up by vomiting.

Do kibbles and bits make dogs thirsty?

Most dogs need one ounce of water per pound of body weight. A dog who eats dry dog food may need more water because of the lack of moisture in his food plus the dry food can make him more thirsty.

Can kibbles and bits cause itching?

Yeah, dog food can make a dog itch. This is usually a result of food allergy if the dog food is directly involved.

Is there a recall on kibbles and bits?

Recently kibble and bits were recalled after trace amounts of pentobarbital were found in its wet dog food product line. Pentobarbital is used to euthanize animals.

How much protein is in kibbles and bits?

Kibble and bits is a below-average dry food. It has a protein of 23%, a fat level of 10%, and estimated carbohydrates of about 59%.

Do kibbles and bits make dogs hyper?

The dog will react to sugar and additives. This could make them hyper and in turn difficult to train as this could also affect their concentration.

Why do dogs like kibbles and bits?

Many dogs have allergy problems. Some of those allergies are sourced by what he is ingesting. kibble and bits is a popular food because of the meaty protein source bits it contains.

What Are Kibble and Bits Made Of?

Corn is the number one ingredient in this food. Often corn is found as the main ingredient in economy brand dog foods as it is cheap and easy to work with. Corn is a source of Nutrition and energy. Dog foods that feature corn as their main ingredient generally rank below dog foods that have a meat-based protein source as their main ingredient. 

A major problem with corn is that it is hard on a dog’s digestive system. That’s why it can cause upset stomachs and other unwanted symptoms. Soybean meal is the second ingredient in kibble and bits. It provides protein but not of the same nutritional value as protein from meat. The meat in this food is from beef and bone meal. Beef and bone meal is high in protein which gives it some value in dry dog foods but it is also high in ash and is overall not a desired dog food ingredient for quality nutrition. 

The ingredients in kibble won’t cause your dog immediate harm. The soy and corn may cause some dogs stomach upset or allergy struggles and other side effects may only be noticeable if this food is fed frequently over a long period. It also has other ingredients such as red dye 40, caramel coloring, and animal fat preserved with BHA. These ingredients increase the appearance and structure of the food.

Final Thought

It’s normal to get confused while buying the best dog food for your dog at a store as there are so many options. If you need to get by in a pinch then you should buy kibble and bits. But in most cases, it is not a great long-term food choice. You must remember that by offering foods with high-quality ingredients and nutrition you will be able to set up a dog for better health, fewer medical issues, and longer longevity.

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